Pool Parties

Jump into summer with a splash! Organize your next pool party in style with

your own sexy bikini babes, pool boys or nude girls!

Our guys and girls love to party especially in the pool! Have a party on a hot

summers day with all your friends and we will provide the girls/guys! Our

waitresses/waiters will cook up a storm on the BBQ completely topless cooking

food for your guests while another waitress/waiter is serving icy cold beverages!

Who could think of anything better…. Well we have! Our waitresses will provide

their own dipping pool full of jelly, yep! Jelly wrestling competition!!! Get your

mates one at a time to dip into the jelly with our hot waitresses, each guy has to

try to undo the waitresses bikini tops! Loser has to wrestle the next guy in line!

And I’m sure no one wants to see that! Our waitresses are also available for body

shots, games and lap dances!

If you’re after our male waiters why not have them rub lotion onto your

shoulders or even better why not rub lotion on our waiters! They love the

attention! Our male topless waiters will also do body shots and lap dances to

entertain the guests! And what can I say …. These boys know how to make

fantastic cocktails! Perfect for those hot days!

If your wanting to host a wet sexy pool party contact us! We can even make a

package up which provides all your entertainment needs! We are able to supply

DJ’s, inflatable pools, cocktail lists, pool toys, jelly wrestling and the best off all

……. The hottest male topless and female topless waitresses!!!!

Our standard rates apply for both male and female topless waitresses.