Female Shows

G-String Show
Is our mildest of shows. It involves one of our seductive strippers to tease and tantalise the crowd in a tasteful way stripping down to her g-string only, giving the special guy a little extra attention. Perfect for mixed crowds or first timers.

Bubble Bath Strip Show
Watch one of our girls take her clothes off and soak herself in hot soapy water right before your eyes! A tasteful but raunchy show!

R-Rated Show
Similar to the g-string show but bares all for everyone to see but still one of the milder strips available as legs still remain closed yet still extremely exhilarating.

Open Leg Show
If your want to step it up a notch this is the show. The show with nothing hidden, perfect when you want to see it all. The wild side of mild.

Pearl Show Strip Show
Before the show begins our hot show girl inserts a length of beads! While preforming her hot open leg show she will find a lucky man to help her remove the beads either by hand or teeth!

Masturbation Strip Show
Watch your showgirl strip down to nothing! She will then give the lucky man or guest of honour some extra attention while preforming natural acts of masturbation.

Vibe Show
This is where the wild girls are. Like all our shows the main man gets that special treatment and there are plenty of toys to play with as well as creams to lick and oils to rub guaranteed to lift you up.

Is there anymore needed to be said? An unforgettable experience perfect for bucks. This is a show that will leave you speechless.

Greek Salad
This striptease is guaranteed to leave you screaming for more, with fruit & veg with anal action the impossible is now possible be seduced by our XXX showgirls.

Lesbian Duo
Why not have your dreams come true and fly on cloud 9 for 30 mins while two sexy minx’s show you the time of your life. Our exotic strippers give the man of the night that special something while the crowd sit in awe as these raunchy performers intimately get down and dirty.