Topless and Nude Waitresses Gold Coast

Fellas here are our Lovely Ladies! Great for Poker nights, Golf days, Boat Trips, Bucks Parties, Birthdays, Christmas Parties or just because. We have Bikini, Lingerie, Topless or Nude Waitresses as we hire to your desire.

A package can also be arranged whether it be a duo of waitresses, or waitress and stripper package. We will always thrive to provide to your every need.


********* Please contact us via email or phone to view our exclusive staff who do not appear on the website************

What are Topless Waitresses?

They are just like ordinary waitresses – except they are hot, sexy and are topless.

A topless waitress on the gold coast is there to make sure that you enjoy your party to the next level.

Perhaps you’re throwing a guy’s poker night and you want to make it extra fun, or maybe its a mates Bucks and you want to ensure he’s surrounded by gorgeous, half naked women all night. Either way, a one of our beautiful topless waitresses can get the job done.


When do you hire Topless or Nude Waitresses?

There are many occasions when a Topless Waitress can be hired. Some of the common ones are bucks parties, guys weekends, poker nights, or simply a big party.

What do you get from a Nude waitress Gold Coast?

A topless waitress isn’t a stripper. They are a waitress – who just serves you without their shirt on. Some also offer full nude services, so check first if your girl goes this far to ensure you have a great night.

How much do Gold Coast Topless Waitress cost?

This depends on how long you want them for, how far they have to travel, if you want them fully nude, topless, or in sexy lingerie all evening. To find out more please see our pricing page for full details, as well as great package deals to spoil yourself with two of our gorgeous girls.

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